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Thursday, April 22

If only I had my camera, then you would believe too . . . .

I was driving home from an appointment in town yesterday afternoon ~ meandering along Lake Shore Drive.  It was the perfect Spring day ~ breezy with bright sunshine and temps hovering in the low 50's ~ the kind of day that turns Lake Michigan into a piece of art.   

The colors near the shore started as that delicate pale green you often find in seaglass, then turned into a brilliant aqua-marine, deepening to luscious teal and finally ending in azure stretching to the horizon.  The entire surface was dotted with tiny whitecaps from the breeze.  Simply breathtaking! 

And if you had been there you too would know that mermaids do exist . . .


  1. I knew it! just have to believe! good combos, mermaids, sea glass, love it.


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