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Wednesday, August 18

To market to market to buy a . . . .

No ~ not a fat pig as in the children's nursery rhyme.  But lots of other goodies at the local farmers' market made their way into the basket of my bicycle this morning. 

I got what have become staples for me ~ the tiny cucumbers and patty pan squash.  And the TOMATOES are here!  I grabbed two large red ones and (cue angelic chorus) Sungolds!  They are absolutely my favorite. 

I was also extremely pleased to see tomatillos.  I make a fresh salsa from them ~ uncooked ~ which is very different than most of the recipes you will find.  I just grind them up with hot and sweet peppers, pineapple sage and a touch of salt, lemon juice and cumin.  Yummmmm ~ get me the tortilla chips and turn on the Packer game! 


  1. talk about abundance...I never knew that those little squash were called patty pan, sounds like a good name for one your mice! Enjoy your goodies!

    hugs, Lisa

  2. Enjoy all of the goodies...looks great!


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