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Tuesday, February 22


As our outside Christmas lights were coming down over the weekend (oh, don't give me that look ~ they've been encased in two feet of snow and ice for the past few weeks) I kept thinking about holidays.  More accurately, the amount of blog posts I'd recently seen shunning Valentine's Day.

What you have to understand about me is that I love holidays ~ love to decorate our home for as many as I can.  There are bins and bins of decorations neatly labeled in our basement that I make my way through during the course of the year.  My dear hubby has commented more than once that I'm rather like a museum's curator ~ not having the room to bring out everything from a bin at once, therefore choosing which items to display in any particular year for that season.  Yes, hubby is very indulgent and understands the joy it gives me.

Now I'm not suggesting that everyone embrace holidays with the same fervor I do ~ there are surely reasons to not personally celebrate them all ~ but what struck me about these Valentine blog posts was the number of people who felt it necessary to take the time to write about how this one in particular was a "made up" holiday ~ a devilish plan on the part of evil business conglomerates to brainwash us into purchasing cards and flowers and chocolates.  One gal was talking about how her hubby went on annual rants about the day ~ but that she was off to check the cupboards for chocolates, just in case.  I sincerely hope she finds her coveted pralines one year ~ and that he can see the happiness on her face when she does.  But more than that, I think it was the brainwashing concept that bothered me so much ~ thinking of myself, as I do, as an independent thinker.

The truth of the matter is that our day and age can be described as living in an exponential world, so while we're all busy trying to keep up with the non-stop information flowing toward us, what's the harm of someone, even the evil business conglomerates, reminding us to have a holiday ~ to take the time to tell those we love that we love them ~ or on other occasions to have a little fun, to add a touch of whimsy to our days?  Who can't use a little more of that in their life?

Of course, this is only my humble opinion ~ and, yes, I am struck by the irony that today is National Be Humble Day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to tuck away my cupids

and release the leprechauns from their bin . . .

Edit:  Yes, yes, I'm on my way for the leprechauns shortly, bu first I had to share the lovely peacefulness of the view outside my window today.

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