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Sunday, June 19

Judith Chamberlain of Cobblestone Court

This 13 inch self-standing bear is made of stone colored mohair and coordinating tan cashmere paw pads on her feet. Her eyes are German glass and she has am embroidered mouth and a glass nose. I made Judith's ooak outfit with an ultra-feminine embroidered lace blouse that has a filled sweetheart neckline trimmed in scalloped braid. The sleeves are puffed above the elbows and fitted to the wrist, with green piping between the two sections. A pencil skirt of green dupioni silk has an insert of peach printed cotton and a darling cream silk flower in the back. Her hat was entirely made by hand as well. Its base was fashioned out of cream coarse woven cotton. Beige organza was sewn around the brim. Green and ivory wired ribbons were used for figure eight rosettes and further trimmed with purchased beaded rosebuds. The hat is permanently attached.

Other details to note:
* tiny peach shank buttons on her sleeves and blouse
* the regency tassels at the tips of hankie hemline
* beige dupioni silk lace-trimmed pantaloons
* beaded lace on the waistband and the hat

She is now available on my website.


  1. Judith is simply beautiful. Not only is she beautiful but she's probably one of the best dressed bears ever. The blouse, skirt and hat are lovely and then there's the pantaloons. Wonderfully done, Laura.


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