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Wednesday, January 25

How much smaller can they get?

I was contacted recently by a woman who wants to use my mice to populate a half scale dollhouse. 

For those of you unfamiliar with dollhouse scales, a normal dollhouse is 1:12 where 1 inch represents 1 foot (12 inches.)  A half scale dollhouse is then 1:24 where 1 inch representing 24 inches! 
That is mighty tiny by anyone's standards.

Although my regular mice are roughly 3 inches tall, you would think that would make them look approximately 6 feet tall and should be ok.  But truthfully, they are a bit large for the 1:24 houses. 

So I have made an even smaller mouse who stands just over 2 inches tall.  It is amazing how much difference that makes.

In this picture, from right to left is
a 1:12 door,
a 1:12 dollhouse doll,
my regular mouse (Rumplestiltkins is posing for the picture),
a 1:24 door
and finally my new 1:24 mouse. 
You can see the proportions between the 1:12 door and the doll are about the same as the proportions between the 1:24 door and the new mouse. 
And here she is dressed:

Although I am encouraged by having accomplished this, I was still trying to go smaller as I also want to try making children to fit this scale.  Oh dear . . .


  1. I can just imagine how sweet this will be. A whole little tiny mouse family living in a little tiny house. I love the whole idea.

  2. I adore this new little mouse but to tell you the truth if you make a mouse much smaller I probably won't be able to see it. I really wish my fingers and eyesight allowed me to work on something so small. You really are great at this. Have a wonderful weekend.


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