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Monday, March 26

WHAT is going on? Where are the new mice and bears?

After receiving a few very touching emails asking about my silence and lack of new items, I thought perhaps a blog post was in order.   
Thank-you for being so concerned, dear friends.

The last I wrote, I was teasing you about the next bear I had planned ~ one to coincide with a 100 year anniversary coming soon.  My plan had been to create a bear to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic in April 1912.  I will be making a Rose bear dressed in that smart boarding suit from the 1997 movie.  

And I have made some progress.  I was able to find a beautiful pinstripe fabric in the correct scale for my 12-14 inch bears ~ no small feat, let me tell you!  I was about ready to create the  fabric myself.  And I even made some very cute bears.  But since the discovery of my mohair allergy, it is taking me a while to get the correct scale of my patterns due to the heavier density of the faux fur (Tissavel from France) that I am using now.  It is gorgeous fur ~ but I want to get it just right, so it may take me a while longer to create one slim enough to assume the role of Rose.  Please bear with me.

Some changes in my life are coming soon which I cannot talk about just yet ~ perhaps next week.  These changes have brought with them much to do and so I have been otherwise occupied and have not had all that much time for sewing.  What little time I have had for sewing has been used for commissions.  (Thank-you Sue and Brooke!)

I do have two bears that are almost completely dressed (soooo close!) and a little mouse who will probably make his debut later this week.  He has got a terrible hankerin' for something sweet and I think you will all enjoy seeing him.

So fingers crossed ~ and send all those good thoughts and wishes in my direction.


  1. I can't wait to see your Titanic bear... I loved all the costumes from that movie! And just where did you find small enough pinstripe?
    I hope your little mouse with the sweet tooth is ready to see soon.

    1. Thanks Maggie! I'll admit it was a toss up as to which outfit I would tackle (first?) from that movie. There are so many lovely ones to choose from. I found the fabric online ~ I can email you a link if you'd like.

      Hope to get that little sweet tooth potbelly fellow completed today.

  2. Okay, Maggie said exactly what I was going to say. It's probably because we just spent the past week together and our minds are still on the same track. I did wonder what you were working on and now I can hardly wait to see the new bear and mouse.

    1. LOL Maddy! It's always so nice to hear from both of you. Hope you had a wonderful weekend together. :)

  3. Just had to pop in to see how you are. I'll wait to hear about these changes, and I too want to see the new little creations. Be well Laura,

    lots of hugs.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! It shouldn't be too much longer until I can share the news. These things always take longer than you hope they will. Sigh . . . .


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