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Thursday, August 30

Turkeys on Parade and Good-bye Gray!

Catchy blog post title, huh?  ;)

I was watching the TV news the other morning and heard a sound outside that took me back to my desk at DuPont.  I could see clearly in my mind a fellow in my office explaining how hunters make turkey calls.  Now, why he thought this was of interest to me, I'll never know.  But I knew instantly that what I was hearing outside my window that morning was a turkey.  

And it was not just one turkey ~ that morning 
I counted 11 of them in our front yard.  
A few days later, I counted 19 parading 
through the woods right past our deck.  

Can you spot them?

I've since heard from neighbors that 
they counted up to 60 at a time.  

Here are some clearer photos of them walking down the road.

These are really big birds!

~ * ~

Mr. Cobblestone and I have completed the painting of the family room.  It went from gray walls and stark white trim 

to a deep aqua with creamy light yellow trim.

Next projects for this room: cover that red brick with some nice ceramic tiles, finish painting the shelves, decide what to do with the draperies, replace the carpeting . . . 

Oh ~ maybe I'll just go sew more mice instead. 


  1. Love the view from your deck. It looks like you live in the woods.
    The new paint is a nice color. I always did like cream or very pale yellow if the woodwork is painted. White is just to stark for my taste. I think you should sew up more mice but that's just me. ;0} Have a great weekend. Hugs

    1. Well, I did do more sewing and not work on the house this afternoon ~ and may do even more tonight. I've missed making my little friends.

      We DO live in the woods! I'll have to take photos from all our windows to post here so you can see our lovely property.

  2. Guess the plentiful turkeys explain why they are all part of our Thanksgiving meal. What beautiful scenery. All the trees surrounding you, I love it. I also love how you painted your living room.

    1. Yes, we have plenty of turkeys. And I am assured by the neighbors that they are quite docile. lol But they are so much bigger than I imagined!

      Anxious to get the rest of the house changed over to my taste. Sigh . . . this may take some time. . . .

  3. OMG, how funny! Turkeys roaming through the neighborhood... do you think they'll hide when it gets closer to Thanksgiving?
    I just LOVE the colors you've painted in your family room. Bee-you-ti-ful!

    1. Thanks, Maggie! It's been fun seeing what the new neighborhood contains. Got my eyes open for emu. ;)


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