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Tuesday, November 27

They do Christmas a little differently in Maine

We are full swing into one of my favorite times of the year.  
I just love Christmas!  
And Mr. Cobblestone and I are seeing a few 
things that are a wee bit different for us.  

From the local paper we learned that Santa 
arrived at different spots by tugboat, 
fire engines and even the Coast Guard. 

(Photo Bane Okholm)
And here's something we've never seen 
in a Christmas parade before!

(Photo Bane Okholm)

But the most unusual sight for us 
has to be the lobster trap trees.

There are many of these springing up at private homes 
as well and I'll do my best to try and 
share them with you here.

Tomorrow I will start my progressive sneak peek 
at one of the items I will be offering in the 
Stay tuned!

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