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Saturday, December 1

Beary Christmas Fair ~ Vote now for Show Favorite

The preview of the 
is now open and you can take a peek at
all the preview bears from each artist. 

You can also vote for your favorite!

Here is my preview item that I've been 
teasing you with for the past few days.

Two adorable 3 inch tall pink bears  
busy filling Santa's boot with gifts.  

Don't forget ~ the show lasts a mere 
24 hours so mark you calendars now!


  1. This piece turned out so cute. So much better than Mother Hubbard..^_^


    1. Thanks, Regi! So glad you stopped by to see the final photo of these two. But there may be a Mother Hubbard too ~ let's see, I'll need a cupboard with no bone . . .

      Hope you have time to drop by the show on Saturday!

  2. Laura, these little sweethearts are adorable! I love the way you've displayed them. I'm really looking forward to the show. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs

    1. Thanks, Maddy! I do have to admit these are some of my favorites. And I have another similar bear for the show too. Be sure to pop on by Saturday. :)

  3. ma che amori queste creazioni bravissima Annamaria


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