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Thursday, January 17

New Mice Available

I can hardly believe it ~ there are now a total of 
100 Citizens of Cobblestone Circle.  
With such a milestone, I just had to do 
something special, and perhaps predictable. 

Citizen #100 is Eleanor Thistlewhitte ~ the owner 

of the sewing shop.  
I hope you have a moment to drop by my website and meet her.  
Just click on her photo to read her story and see more pics.

I also have a family of mice ready to inhabit 
your 1:24 scale dollhouses.  
You can find Alan, Audrey, Auggie and Baby Ava
 now on my website as well.  
These smallest of my mice collections range 
from 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches tall.
They are available as a set or if you prefer 
individually starting at just $15.

And please mark your calendars for the next 

BearHugs4U show coming up 
March 8-10.  

During this show I hope to have 
an entire family of mice from Cobblestone Circle 
going on a picnic in their car,  
two new nursery rhyme characters,
a potbelly demitasse mouse,
some new leprechauns,
and hopefully a new bear or two.

My worktable is overflowing!!!


  1. You really have been busy. Eleanor is adorable and a lovely addition to Cobblestone Circle. How are you able to put so much detail into a one and a half inch mouse? I could never make something that small and have it turn out at all. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs

    1. Thanks, Maddy! I still just giggle when I see the different sized mice together. The 3 inch tall ones look like giants next to the 1:24 scale. Happy to report Eleanor is on her way to her new home. :)


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