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Friday, April 26

Check out the groovy threads on this far out dude.

Well, I gotta say this new bear is a bit of a 
change from my usual style.  

Norman Meadowlark is my entry into a 
bear competition being held next month in England 
for the category of 1960s Hippie.  
I had a blast making him.

The fabric for his pants and headband was 
something  I pulled out of a remnant bin years ago, 
not really sure what I would use it for ~ I 
guess you could say it spoke to me. 

Adding a fringed suede vest, embroidered gauze 
shirt, leather sandals, a peace sign necklace and a 
few flower power buttons and I was 
giggling like crazy in my studio.

His sitar had started life as a Christmas ornament.  
I added the leather strap so he could sling it over 
his shoulder when he wasn't playing original 
compositions to impress the ladies.  

The last thing I added was his goatee.  
Come on ~ you know it suits him.


  1. Norman Meadowlark will be the hit of the show! He is absolutely the most adorable hippy that I've ever seen and I remeber seeing quite a few back in the day.

    1. Thanks, Maddy. Yep, he brought back some memories, that's for sure. Quickly followed by the thought "Did we really wear that?" lol


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