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Sunday, May 19

Meet Elise Beaulieu

My newest bear is now available on my website.  

Elise is an elegant 12 inch bear made from pure white Tyber curly faux fur.  Many, many hours were spent creating  her outfit, including her fabulous hat.  

Don't you just love feathers on hats!


  1. Laura, that hat is perfect with all of the ribbon, lace, feathers and is that a purple silk flower? It is absolutely stunning! Elise is dressed beautifully and looks exactly like a proper Victorian lady.

    1. Thank-you. Maddy. You always leave the sweetest comments for me. xxx Yes, she has one touch of color ~ I couldn't resist.

  2. my gott she is so a sweet lady. wonderful. i am happy to found your blog und link your blog with my blog know. wonderful

    hugs from sylvia from the mäsywi-bären

    1. Thank-you, Sylvia. So glad you stopped by. :)


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