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Thursday, July 11

Don't you just love birthdays?

I got a special package in the mail this week ~ a birthday gift for me from a collector who specializes in miniatures.  She knows me well, and has created this darling Christmas scene for me.  

I understand she had some special help from little Brieanna.  
I hope she knows she made 
'the mouse lady' very happy indeed.
Even the letter to Santa on the mantle is from me!

Did you spy the tiny mouse in the corner 
that my new bear is pointing to?  
I just love it! 
This 2 inch bear, which is a new size for me, 
 will be available on my website next week, so stay tuned!


  1. Happy belated birthday Laura. I just love the adorable Christmas scene your friend sent you, she is really quite talented.
    Sorry I haven't been to visit in awhile, both my computer and I have been running a bit slower than usual.
    BTW, the little bear is cute as can be. Have a great weekend. Hugs

    1. Hi Maddy, Thanks for popping in. Hope all is well with you. Thank-you for the birthday wishes. xxx


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