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Friday, November 8

Online Show open NOW

The Bright Stars Holiday Show is now open.

My new items include:
  •     Two darling sister bears sized for 1:12 dollhouses ~ yes, I finally got the proportions just right!
  •     A potbelly angel mouse with feathery wings
  •     Two new Pebble sized bears, Santa and Snowflake
  •     Eugenia and her sewing machine
  •     and Two new Citizens of Cobblestone Circle

You will find the link to my page 

on the right hand side of the 
top row of the show page.

I also want to remind you of two photo competitions that are now running.  I know it takes time to go through all the pics, and the voting process can be cumbersome, but please keep in mind that most of the entries in these contests are also available for sale, so really, they are like online shows.  And all of the artists truly appreciate your support.

If you need some assistance, please do not hesitate to email me.

The first is the British NTBAA Photo Contest 
in which my Eugenia Bobbington 
is entered in the Dressed Bear category.

The second is the French Teddy Bear contest.
Instructions can be found here.
I have four items entered in this contest.
Beside each of the entries you will see a 
little house icon 
that is a link to the artist's website.

Enjoy looking at all the entries!

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