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Monday, December 2

Holiday Parade on the Midcoast

This weekend, Mr. Cobblestone and I 
attended the Holiday Parade 
in a neighboring community.  

Lobster Trap Tree
It was pretty much what we expected, and 
although it was advertised as running from 6-8pm, 
the actual parade lasted only 20 minutes.  

There were a number of floats and 
er, um, holiday vehicles?

Now ~ are those candy canes or fish hooks?

And of course, this being the  midcoast of Maine 
it featured not only the reigning Sea Goddess, 
but also the Blueberry Queen as well.

Of course Santa was there too!

All in all it was a rather fun evening, 
but as someone who attended the 
Macy's parade in NYC, 
I gotta tell you, things are a bit different here.  
Would you ever see a car parked along
 the parade route in New York?

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