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Thursday, June 26

New places to find Cobblestone Creations!

I have two new exciting online bear shopping venues to tell you about today.

The first is Artist Bears International, developed and run by artist extraordinaire Brenda Pollock-Smith of La De Da' Artisan Bears.  Anyone familiar with her bears will not be surprised by the elegance of this new site.

I hope you can take a moment to see all the extremely talented soft sculpture artists who are there.  Very soon the site will also offer auction style listings similar to eBay.  And there is a handy signup for the email list for the site.  

The second is a new online show site called eBearShow.com.  It will offer two shows a year, in February and August.  The premier show will begin Aug 15 and is titled "Cute or Quirky, Bears or Critters".  I'll be sure to post a reminder here.  Or again, this site also has it's own email list that you can join.

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