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Tuesday, February 2

In defense of the season

This morning from AP: "PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. – The groundhog has spoken. And it's bad news."

Bad news?!?!?!?!

Despite the negative aspects of the other three seasons (Spring's mud, Summer's mosquitoes and roaring lawnmowers, Fall's decaying garden cleanup), Winter is the only season that has a holiday stuck smack dab in the middle of it whose sole purpose is to say "Hang in there folks ~ it's half over!"

At what point do all the children who become giddy over fresh snow and windows covered in lacy frost, change into people who look at Winter as something they have to endure? Those who know me understand I am the opposite of this increasingly vocal majority who fill the airwaves and blogs with their longings for the first day of Spring. I, on the other hand, am one who anxiously anticipates Dec 21st and delights in glistening flakes blowing off the rooftops like magical fairies dancing off to grant wishes.

What if we designate August 2nd a holiday as well ~ which btw just happens to be National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.  (Who knew!)  We can all eat our deliciously cold ice cream sandwiches and dream of waking up to tree branches lined in white, skiing in the soft purple glow of snow at twilight, bustling about on nights illuminated by twinkling holiday lights and snuggling close to the one we love. Sound good to you? Now all we need is a name for that holiday . . . I shall give it some thought.

But for now ~ instead of succumbing to the despair being touted on the news today, I gently invite you to take a moment or two to appreciate the enchanting beauty of Winter.

And you better hurry ~ it's already half over!


  1. LOL...it might be pretty, but I'm a summer gal allllll-the-way!

    I will live somewhere warm when I retire (famous last words....lol)


  2. Winter is indeed beautiful. We're expecting a little more snow this evening. Our own Connecticut groundhog also was the bearer of "bad" news, but I say let it continue its course. :) Thanks for posting that enchanting photo! Theresa

  3. I do agree Winter has it's place in the beauty of mother nature just as long as I can stay inside where it is warm and enjoy it, lol. Beautiful picture!! Enjoy.


  4. Nice to see there are a few like-minded folks out there! :)

    The pic was taken in our yard in 2007. Unfortunately that darling little crab apple tree hasn't looked like that this year . . . yet!

    And, er, um, Josie ~ I think the airlines still run daily flights to southern Florida. ;)

  5. Ice cream sandwich day? What? Really! It would be nice to have one right now, while sitting under that crab apple tree maybe...


  6. Yup ~ it's true. I wouldn't make up something like that, would I? :)



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