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Sunday, February 28

Leprechaun Mouse

A darlin' wee mousie who needs your help to watch out for those troublesome tell tale rainbows.
Available for sale at CobblestoneCreations.net

This wee one is soooooo richly detailed.

Much research has gone into what makes a leprechaun ~ and I do believe I have captured all the enchantment of those delightful creatures in this piece ~ at least that is what I have been told by the one who lives in my garden.

I do hope you'll take a momnet to visit his sale page and
read about all the details that went into making him.


  1. Laura, you never stop amazing me with your little creations!! He is precious and that outfit is so cute!!! Love him!! PS, be sure to stop by my blog for a little surprise.


  2. Boy, did you capture him brilliantly! He would be very popular around here. So cute!


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