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Friday, June 11

And the color gods smiled . . . .

I had the rare opportunity to compose a flower bed from scratch last year ~ some overgrown arborvitae needed to go, which left me with a seven by twenty foot canvas.  

And this week the color gods smiled upon this composition:

They will be even happier once the white spiderwort opens just to the right of the yellow iris.

I should be embarrassed to say I was able to populate this bed without buying even a single plant save the paperbark maple that serves as the anchor on the east side.  Yes, I do have a lot of plants!!!!

Now, inspired by this success and being a more mature and wizened gardener, I am tempted to revamp all of my beds this Fall.  It will mean digging everything out and replanting, but if I get it right, the rewards should be just as breathtaking. 


  1. Oh your flower beds are gorgeous! Mine are so weedy and over grown and need a major revamp. Still though there is nothing like Jume in a perennial border. Hope you are enjoying every blossom!

  2. Thanks Tammy! Don't be fooled ~ there are plenty of weeds in my yard too ~ I just don't show pics of those beds! ;)


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