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Tuesday, June 1

Kitty Cat Jeans Set for Riley

Kitty Cats for Riley!

Since the Cupcake set sold with 4 hours last Sunday night, I am offering a second set this week! 

This auction will begin the evening of Tuesday June 1st at 9:30 eastern, 6:30 pacific.

eBay through June 6th
~ sold ~
in just over an hour!


  1. OM Goodness Laura, such a cute outfit, I am loving the the little kitty shirt and those jeans look just like the jeans we wear!! You are an amazing seamstress!!


  2. Okay, I know I posted a comment here, hope you got it? I love Riley's new outfit!! Congrats on the super quick sale!!

    Have a wonderful weekend Laura!!

  3. So sorry for the delay in getting your comments posted here Brenda! I've been absolutely SWAMPED lately. Thanks for your kind words ~ they are much appreciated!!!!!!

  4. LOL Laura, not a problem I can so relate. I just thought maybe I was loosing my mind again, hahahahahaha.

    Big Hugs and wishes for calmer days!!

  5. I think it's a good "swamped".Got to love the quick sales of these little outfits! Laura I know you're busy, so thanks for stopping by, keep enjoying what you do!



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