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Thursday, July 8

I am the Featured Artist on Small Town Living ~ and there's a Giveaway too!

I am quite pleased to let you know that I am the
Featured Artist of
Small Town Living Magazine

I'd like to thank Tina Wilson for contacting me with this opportunity to let their readers become acquainted with my work.

In conjunction with the article about Cobblestone Creations I am offering a giveaway to one lucky reader ~ a tiny little mouse in pink gingham, with her trowel and CC flowerpot.

Please visit my Artist Profile and the Giveaway page for your chance to win your very own Cobblestone Creation.


  1. Congrats and what an honor. You deserve it all!

  2. I know I commented somewhere, congratulations. And I did read the article, so happy for you. It's good exposure. And also, I will share my creations if they don't look to crafty.



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