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Sunday, July 25

~ Frostie ~ She can predict how many weeks of Summer are left!

As promised back on Groundhog Day, here is my little mousie ready to predict how many weeks of Summer are left to endure. 
~ sold ~

Wondering about the Ice Cream Sandwich?  Visit my Feb 2nd blog entry to learn about my inspiration for her.

Stay cool folks ~ this heat can't last forever.  :)


  1. So Miss Frostie just how many more weeks of Summer do we have to endure, lol. This has been such a hot summer I feel like a house mouse!!! I love Frostie and her ice cream sandwich!! Ice cream sandwich day, hahahaha. Loved February 2nds post too, made me feel a bit cooler looking at all of that snow.

    Have a wonderful week Laura!!

  2. Thanks Brenda!
    Think snow, think SNOW, THINK SNOW!!!!! :)

  3. What a cute pink mouse! She is adorable!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog =)
    This little mouse is so adorable, she is too cute to be the thief that stole the biscuit! LOL


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