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Sunday, January 16

~ Meet Trixie Porterfield of Cobblestone Circle ~

 The problem with Trixie Porterfield is that she can't say 'No' to anyone ~ and that's how she caught little Katie Iversham's cold. You see, Miss Kittiebittle had called Trixie Monday morning, asking if she could please come to school right away to help chaperone the field trip to the zoo, and true to her nature, Trixie was out the door in five minutes flat. When the class approached the reptile house with the larger than life drawings of snakes on the doors, Katie had flung herself in panic at Trixie, jumping up and locking her trembling arms around Trixie's neck.

Sitting on the bench outside the building while they waited for the others to emerge suited Trixie just fine (she actually shared the little girl's feelings about reptiles) but poor Katie ~ well, let's just say there was a lot of trembling and sobbing and yes, quite a few sneezes as well.

Predictably, on Wednesday, Trixie woke up with a nasty cold. Her darling husband, Jasper, made sure she had everything at hand to sooth her symptoms before he left for the day to cover his appointed rounds. He filled the hot water bottle for her, brought a fresh box of soft tissues, wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and even gave her a nice cup of her favorite lemon tea ~ with strict instructions that she was drink plenty of it all day.

Trixie truly appreciates what a very doting husband she has, but at the same time resents him for his remarkably strong immune system. She has literally never known him to be ill for more than a few hours ~ and here she sat, knowing there were at least 5 more days of this misery ahead of her.

She was actually feeling much better this morning ~ perhaps due to the picture postcard views outside her bedroom window of the fresh snow~ and she briefly thought of getting dressed and tackling some light household chores, but when Jasper came home for lunch with a new novel for her . . . well . . . it would be a shame to waste such a good book reading day.

Trixie will be on eBay through Sunday Jan 23rd.

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  1. Sweet mouse, lovely story.
    Greetings, Diny


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