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Thursday, January 20

Moving Day!

No, we're not actualy moving ~ but I've spent the day moving into my new "sewing box."

Some new furniture is coming soon for our home and it meant the loss of the cabinet that used to sit next to my favorite sewing chiar.  I knew I needed something to replace it and purchased this jewelry armoire. 

It's perfect! 

I must admit it ~ I love organizing everything.  That I credit (or is it blame?) on the fact that Martha Stewart was coming  into her heyday during my early housewife years.

There are lots of tiny drawers ~

 ~ some even divided into smaller sections ~
~ so there's room enough for all my threads, pins,
needles, cotter pins and disks, tools, glass eyes,

stuffing, beads, tail cording, etc, etc.

Certainly not its originally intended use,
but it sure does work for me!

And it will always remind me of the very snowy night my husband and I went shopping for it ~ and how he carried the floor model all around the store so I could see how it would look next to our other furnituire.  What a guy!


  1. Wow, I love this cabinet, good buy!



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