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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments
so I know you've been by for a visit.

Wednesday, March 16

How far are you willing to go for Fresh Eggs?

Each year as a Christmas gift, my sister-in-law (well, I suppose she's actually my ex-sister-in-law now) sends me a subscription to a different magazine.  This year it's Mary Janes Farm, an organic lifestyle magazine.

The most recent issue contains an article by MaryJane Butters on urban chicken farming.  Yep, Urban chicken farming.  There's apparently even a website where you can check whether backyard chicken keeping is legal in your neighborhood.  In the article, MaryJane goes on to suggest that you don't even need a yard to keep the little cluckers ~ that all you really need is a patio of even just a balcony.  Now doesn't that conjure up some amusing images.  For those of you who are perhaps having trouble imagining it, I will share the photo from the article of chickens in a retro-fitted baby crib ~ in the bedroom!!!!

Now you must understand, I do like fresh eggs, and Mr. Cobblestone get ours from a friend who raises chickens on her property ~ her non-urban property that is. 

And although the article provided detailed instructions, including a pattern, for making chicken diapers, I'm afraid I don't see this particular brand of freshness in my future.


  1. Funny...patio and deck chickens and diapers...not my cup of tea...but nothing like good brown jumbo eggs.

  2. funny...patio and deck chickens, and chicken diapers.....not my cup of tea...but I do love brown Jumbo chicken eggs.


Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments so I know you've been by for a visit.

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