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Tuesday, March 8

Pleater pins . . .

So where are all the new mice, you ask? 
Oh, they're around. 
Trouble is they're around in bits and pieces waiting to be finished.  

Yes, the planetary journey has brought us round again to Spring, which in my neck of the woods typically means Season of Gray Skies, Mud and  . . . sigh . . . Spring Cleaning. 

Mr Cobblestone and I started on the living room over the weekend ~ he washes the walls and steams the carpeting while I basically clean everything else.  I'll admit I got the better deal, well, except for the draperies. 

I've made all the window treatments in our house (a genetic flaw I fear), and the ones in this room consist of a triple layer of ceiling to floor pieces that are heavily pleated.  So after the washing and ironing and adjusting the hems, each one is threaded onto its pleater pins and rehung.   

It took me an entire afternoon to finish the smaller window in the room ~ and tomorrow . . . . I tackle the grand daddy of the house. . . .

But this afternoon I may just have to work on
the mice ~ they're starting to look a bit lonely.

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