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Thursday, November 3

Anyone for a Party?

We are back from our travels in New England and I just had to share this scene we stumbled across on the streets of Gloucester, MA outside the toy shop. 

They even had a seat saved for me! 

In Auburn, ME we found this treasure:

But overal, the result of our journey is that
Camden, ME stole our hearts!

Don't forget ~ the
Nov 5th and 6th


  1. Great photos, especially the last one with the beautiful autumn colors. Did you have tea with the bears? What a clever idea. It appears you had a great trip. I'm not going to miss the online bear show. It should be fun.

  2. What a great trip! Did you enjoy the tea?
    I did check out the whos who, and I find talent everywhere. There are as many different styles as there are people, each one a piece of art.
    Have to have a closer look! It's a good venue.



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