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Saturday, November 12

Cassandra Hailey ~ and a secret revealed!

~ Cassandra Hailey of Cobblestone Circle ~

You can enjoy her story on my website.

~ sold ~

And as for the secret, remember this from a few posts ago?

Well, now you can see the tiny bit from
the hardware store turned into the
donation kettle for Cassandra's scene. 

And the stand, well, it's amazing what
you can do with a drapery pleater pin!

There are still a few more
Christmas creations on my work table yet for this year.


  1. Cassandra is adorable. Very creative use for a drapery pleater pin. You're such a clever lady.

  2. She's just beautiful, as are all of your wee mouses!

  3. Wonderful! I was wondering what you were going to use that little red piece for. I was guessing a Christmas tree stand. This is just too cute! And the drapery pin, how clever! I love finding things that I can repurpose.

  4. She is wonderful! I tried commenting earlier, and my comment dissapeared. I was curious what you were going to do with that little red thingy. I was guessing Christmas tree stand! And what a clever use of drapery pins!


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