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Tuesday, April 24

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you . . .

FINALLY I can share our big news ~ and it is a fairy tale coming true for us! 
Those of you who are regular readers here know that Mr. Cobblestone and I are members of the empty-nest club.  Both transplants to the Midwest we have no strong ties to this area, so last Fall we decided to start taking some of our vacations with the intent of exploring places we might like to live when we retire.  (Well, when Mr. Cobblestone retires.  I plan on continuing with my mouse and bear work until I can no longer thread a needle.)
As I shared with you here, our travels took us to midcoast Maine in October and we simply fell in love with the region.  No where else on earth has given us that "we're home" feeling as much as when we stood on top of Mt. Battie looking over Penobscot Bay and all the tiny villages and harbors.  As we strolled through one of those villages later that afternoon we spotted a sign in a gift shop window that said "I wasn't born here, but I got here as fast as I could!" 
Yep ~ that pretty much summed up our feelings that day.
As fate would have it, there is a manufacturing site (the only one in the area!) and they had an opening for an engineering manager that is similar to Mr. Cobblestone's current position ~ and he got the job!
So in a few short weeks we will be moving over 1200 miles to Maine!  And I must say it's pretty hard to not have a 'meant to be' feeling about this.
The journey thus far is not unlike the long slow jolting climb up the first hill of a roller coaster.  With each satisfying click of the chain, you know you are getting closer and closer and closer.  As we scurry about finalizing the primping and polishing of our house in Wisconsin, I sincerely hope someone else is doing the same for us in Maine.  New bathroom light ~ click.  Take donations to Salvation Army Store ~ click.  Paint hallway ~ click.  New front door ~ click.  Clean basement ~ click.  Take donations to Salvation Army Store ~ click.  Replace dented doorknob ~ click.  Take donations to Salvation Army Store ~ click.  Home inspection ~ click.  Scrape and paint eaves ~ click.  Spread new mulch in flowerbeds~ click.  Take donations to Salvation Army Store ~ click.    Well, you get the idea.  During the 22 years we spent in this house, someone has managed to sneak a lot of stuff in here.  If I find the little gremlins responsible, we are going to have words, let me tell you! 
We are approaching the first apex of our metaphorical roller coaster, and I am reminded of something our daughter said to me when I was a wee bit timid about riding The Viper at Great America a few years back.  "It's not going to kill you, so what's the worst that can happen?" 
So I am holding on tight ~ one hand on the lap bar and the other clutching Mr. Cobblestone's arm ~  ready for the twists and turns, jolts and bumps, highs and lows as we take the plunge.  I am sure there will be some tears and many giggles along the way ~ I may even throw my hands in the air and scream with delight. 
Maine is waiting for us at the end.

Here is a link to if you'd like to see more about the region.


  1. Oh, Laura, that sounds sooo exciting! I would love to hear more about the area when you're settled and enjoying it. I hope the winters aren't too severe...but then, you've been living in Wisconsin. :o) Enjoy, enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Deborah! Actually, snowy Winters was one of our criteria for finding a place to live. We love the snow!!!

      I will certainly keep everyone posted on how things are going in Maine. I had often wished I could have posted here about our experiences over the past few weeks, but I'm sure you understand that I had to keep the secret until my husband gave notice to his current employer.

      Looking forward to the next steps in this adventure!!!

  2. What a beautiful post. I am more than thrilled for you. The view of the harbor looks so peaceful.

    I had the same feeling as you so many years ago when I came to Arizona and felt like I was home. I have never looked back. Sometimes you just know when it is perfectly right.

    My very best wishes to you, please keep us well posted.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Joanne. It is so nice to know others have taken this type of leap as well with happy endings. I'll be sure to keep you all posted as we go through this journey. :)

  3. Oh wow!!! That is wonderful news!!!! I'm so happy for you both :) How exciting! I hope you'll keep us posted and show more photos when you move. I love Maine....I'm from Australia, but its one place I'd love to visit. It sounds like you had the same feeling when we moved from the city down to the country just over a year ago, couldn't be happier with the move, we just knew it was home like you know....and everything progressed so quickly, it was really meant to be. (((Hugs))) I'm so happy for you!!! XX Sarah

    1. Aw thanks, Sarah. You're welcome to visit anytime. Things are really happening fast now ~ what a ride!

      As I told Joanne, it's so nice to hear from others who made similar moves. You just know when it's right.


    2. Aw thanks, that would be a dream to meet you and to see Maine :) If you're anything like me, there were "signs" all over the place too, even bluebirds hehe. Enjoy the ride :):):) Can't wait to see photos and hear your story :) Hugs and love to you both XX Sarah

    3. You are welcome any time!!! We can spend an afternoon playing with our Strawberry Shortcake dolls. ;)

      Signs? You betcha! It's amazing how many times the word Camden appears now ~ like the street where my husband works now, the name of the line of furniture we purchased, etc etc. It's meant to be for sure!

  4. Oh Laura, this is so exciting!!! I know you're going to love Maine. It's beautiful and you'll fit right in. The fact that Mr. Cobblestone was hired for the position feels like a sign that you're meant to make this move. I can't wait to see photos of your new house and town. There will be photos, right?? Good luck, and happy journey.

    1. Yes, it is very exciting, Maddy. Now that he has given notice to his current employer here in WI, things are happening FAST!!! I will be sure to post pics here when I can. Looking forward to being done with all the work on our WI house so we can start looking for the new one in Maine. I know it's there waiting for us. Thanks for your wishes! xxx

  5. Hi Laura,
    Your adventure sounds just wonderful! And you get to live in one of the most picturesque and/or photogenic areas of the country. I'm a teensy bit jealous. How are the winters there compared to your current location?
    Good luck on your upcoming move, my friend.

    1. Thank-you Maggie. We're hoping the Winters are snowy, snowy, snowy!!! I'll be sure to post lots of pics for everyone here ~ maybe I'll entice a few of you to come visit. :)


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