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Thursday, May 31

Shopping in downtown Rockland, Maine

The mid-coast region of Maine is dotted with numerous quaint little towns.  Rockland is the one where we’ve been staying this month as we go through our move from WI to our new home.  

Exploring this tiny town has been fun as it has many adorable little shops along its Main Street.  My favorite by far is a darling place called Seagull Cottage.  It is one of those places  that makes me feel right at home with the colors, sights and sounds of the shore.   

Even I have to giggle at that last line, because anyone who knows me knows I am definitely not a beach person in the traditional sense of “Let’s put on our swimsuits, grab the picnic basket and umbrella and go sit in the sand and sun.”  Ugh !  Not for me.  I’m more the “Let’s get our jackets and wander the deserted beaches on this cloudy day, being careful to not step in any seaweed or other slimy things that have rudely decided to deposit themselves in our path.”  Yep, I’m that kind of beach person.  Hey, just trying to keep the balance in the universe.

But Seagull Cottage is a little piece of heaven.  
(Suppose it could be name that attracts me?  
It's very close to Gull Cottage a la The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. . . .) 

Another store that caught my eye:

Hmmm . . .  not quite the Macy’s I’m used to.

Moving tomorrow to The Bean House ~ stay tuned!

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  1. I love this type of store. I might not buy much when I visit one but I enjoy looking. Hope you're planning on sharing more photos of future shopping trips. Have fun.


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