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Friday, March 1

Like a fluffy white lamb

March has come ~ and come in like a fluffy 
white lamb ~ a fluffy white snowy lamb!

Yes, it is still Winter, and you know I'm loving that.  We had a gorgeous snowfall the other night, but as neither Mr. Cobblestone or I have the skills (or equipment?) necessary to capture such nighttime beauty on camera, you'll just have to take my word for it. It was one of those snows that coated each and every branch is a thick layer of pure white deliciousness.  Unfortunately, it had warmed during the night and all that beauty was lost by morning.

But we did have a fun night of it.  Many (middle-aged) kids were outside playing and we found a snowman in our front yard, courtesy of our neighbors.  By morning, the poor dear had fallen over, yet was still smiling.  Just goes to show, you can enjoy Winter, every single bit of Winter, even the tail end.

Here's how he started out:

We did try to get some photos that night.


While I was taking pics of the snowman that morning, I also caught our turkey flock parading down the street.  It always amuses me how they follow each other single file down the road.

I also caught this Tom displaying himself.

And earlier this morning, these 
lacy tracks they left on our driveway.


I will have a new bunny (or maybe two)
available this coming 
Sunday evening, March 3rd.  
Here's a little tease for you!
And don't forget ~ the online show starts a week from today!
March 8-10
I'll have little bears and mice and even a nice big 12" girlie bear.


  1. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. Especially of the wild Turkeys.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Nicole. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. These are wonderful photos! You did get some fantastic shots, just look at those turkeys! The snowman tickled me for some reason. I guess because he was happy to the very end and that's the way of the snowman. Great post Laura. Hugs

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Maddy, but how am I going to get a new camera with you saying things like that. Shhhhhh! ;)

      May we all follow the ways of the snowman ~ smiling to the very end.


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