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Friday, February 15

Another tick on my serenity meter

I actually was ready to post these pics 
yesterday, but it being Valentine's Day, 
it just seemed wrong to post something anti-red.  
Know what I mean?

But I am feeling so much better about our 
family room now.  Perhaps I am a bit more sensitive 
to color than most, and I'll admit that 
red has got to be my least favorite 
color of all, but come on, 
tell me this isn't a huge improvement!

~ After ~
(Yes, I still have my Father Winter and snowflakes up!)

~ Before ~

Can't wait to see it decked out in daffodils!

I also spent some time this week 
redoing the draperies for this room.  
 Now they look like something that belongs in my house!
(No, you most certainly do NOT get to see a before photo of these!)

Next week ~ back to mice and bears.
The BearHugs4U show is only 3 weeks away!   


  1. I have nothing against the color red but I have to admit the transformation of your fire place is fantastic. Now the room looks like something I'd imagine you'd feel proud of. It's all coming together nicely. Have fun with the mice and bears. Hugs

    1. Well, with all your lovely chrismassy art I imagine you would like red just fine. But it definitely was not playing well with that aqua on the walls.
      I have been so busy with mice and bears and getting ready for the show that I am way behind on my blog reading. I must get over and see what you've been up to!


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