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Friday, August 2

Move over Mr. Groundhog

One of the things I've come to enjoy about the people in Maine is the overwhelming sense of 'doing for yourself.'  Now, that is not meant in the sense of doing only for yourself, as I must say they are some of the most helpful people I've met.  I mean 'do for yourself' in the sense of not waiting for the government to do it for you. 

So I feel quite comfortable following their example and declaring that today, August 2nd, shall henceforth be know as Penguin's Day.  If we have a special day to mark the halfway point of Winter, the day when so many people get excited about the coming of Spring, I see no reason why we, here at the halfway point of Summer cannot herald the coming of Autumn.  

Now I haven't got all the details worked out just yet, but I suppose it will have to involve a group of men in black tie and tails perhaps coaxing a little penguin out of his igloo.  

You will understand that it may take me some time to make these arrangements.  Do you suppose Jon Hamm would be available?  At the very least I will have a little Cobblestone Creations penguin for next year. 

For today, I can leave you with this photo from one of the Celebrate Winter parties that Mr. Cobblestone and I hosted.  It is a darling plate of penguins made of black olives, carrot pieces, cream cheese, red peppers and silly frilly toothpicks.  

I spy some yellowing leaves in my forest . . . just sayin'.

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