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Monday, August 26


A few weeks back, Mr. Cobblestone and I took 
our bikes on the ferry to Islesboro for the day.  
It is an idyllic island with about 
600 residents just 3 miles off the coast.
Although we did not spot any of the celebrities who 
have homes on the island, we did see many of the 
gorgeous mansions and enchanting cottages.  
There were breathtaking views and blooms everywhere.  

Here is Grindle Lighthouse that you see at the ferry dock.

As we rode down to the southernmost tip of the 
island on Pendleton Point Road, 
we passed this church, which I found stunning.

I believe this place used to be a B&B.  
Too bad it is now closed.

We had our picnic spot all to ourselves

 ~ a rocky beach with a 
view of neighboring Job Island.  

A fisherman on a lobster boat passed through 
Bracketts Channel
and waved as we had lunch.

We stopped at the little shop in Dark Harbor 
on our way back for an ice cream.

This sign at the ferry dock had us wondering about the obviously large amount of circumstances that prompted the last rule. 


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