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Thursday, August 14


Since we moved to Maine a little over two years ago, 
we are slowly exploring our new neighborhood.  
Last weekend we took a drive south to 
Pemaquid Point, which is just a little over a 
half hour away from our home.  

I must say it is one of the most 
beautiful spots I have ever seen.

The day was summery, but not too humid, 
with abundant sunshine.  The colors of the 
water and sky were so blue 
it almost hurt your eyes.

The islands off in Penobscot Bay were visible, as 
were many crisp white sails and crashing waves. 

We, of course, have plans to revisit in the Fall and Winter 
when the swell of tourists have gone.  
I can see it already ~ sitting on those rocks 
with Mr. Cobblestone under an ominous 
Autumn sky listening to the waves for hours.

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