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Tuesday, August 12

The stash

As many of you know, or may have gleaned from your reading here, I am blessed with an exquisitely wonderful husband in Mr. Cobblestone.  He takes an interest in my doings (even helps out from time to time with certain heavy lifting aspects,  ie: power tool required projects, of my little business) and reads this blog regularly.  

So let me start this post by letting you know, my darling sweetheart, that this particular entry will hold no interest for you and there is no need for you to read any further.

Is he gone?  

Ok, now that it's just us, I can tell you this post should really be titled "Confessions of a Fabric-holic".   Since we now live in a beautiful but remote area on the coast of Maine, trips into The Big City always include a stop at the craft and fabric stores to pick up things I need.  Yes, need.

After the last trip this past weekend, as I was in my studio unpacking my latest haul, I broke down and took the time to straighten out my bins of cottons.  

These specimens have been collected over the past decade or two and I am really quite pleased to say that among all of these bins, I found only 3 duplicates! 

As I said, I sorted the cottons, but I must confess that these 8 bins fill only 2/3 of one shelf in my studio ~ and there are, in total, 8 such shelves.  *gasp*

Along with cottons, there are bins for (and yes, labeled) knits, plush, flannel, silky, sparklie, felt, interfacing, floral, wild patterns, dupioni silk, poly, crepes, sheer, fluffy, moleskin, suede, ribbons (pink, red, neutral, yellow, orange, green, holiday, blue, purple and tulle), rayon, leather, suiting, faux, x-long pile cashmere, sassy long pile, medium cashmere, trims (in all colors previously mentioned), lace (ditto), wool roving and  xs threads.

So what can we take away from all this?  Well, for one thing, I need more brown toned cottons.  See half empty upper right bin in photo.


  1. You are too funny! I have 3 Tall Ikea cabinets, almost all of it came from my mother, but I have NO empty shelves, maybe I could re-sort and send you some to fill your half empty bin! LOL :)

    1. Um, thanks Deana. But be careful ~ you could start a very dangerous game with me. ;)


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