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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments
so I know you've been by for a visit.

Saturday, January 30

Cobblestone Creations Giveaway!

Welcome to my first Giveaway!!!

The Prizes

There are TWO prizes ~ one each for two lucky winners! 

❄ The first prize is a lucky little potbelly mouse with his glittery shamrock and chunk of cheese.  He is made of a light green long pile cashmere with premium German glass eyes, horsehair whiskers and eyelashes, a white satin cording tail and two dainty green gingham bows.  Shhhhh . .  . don't tell him the cheese isn't real.  He, as with all Cobblestone Creations, will come with a hangtag, signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity and labeled gift box.

❄ The second prize is a pair of Bunny Slippers for the doll of your choice. They are made of white and pink cashmere with onxy bead eyes. 

                   The dolls I have currently:

(and I say currently because we all know there will
be more dolls ~ there are always more dolls lol)
Kish dolls: Riley, Zsu Zse, Bitty Brynne
Tonner Dolls: Ellowyne Wilde, Tyler Wentworth,
Tiny Betsy McCall, Ann Estelle
Heidi Ott Dolls: Dollhouse Lady 
Vogue Dolls: Ginny ~ both modern and retro
Original 18" American Girl

I'll even go a step further ~ if you have a similarly sized doll (under 18 inches), you may send me a tracing of the doll's foot along with a few simple dimensions and I'll make a pair to fit.  I have had great success in doing this.

The Rules

Here's how to get your name in the hat:

❧  You must first be or become:
               a follower of this blog
               a facebook fan
               or a subscriber to my mailing list

❧   After taking care of rule # 1 - Leave a comment on this post letting me know if you are interested in the Mouse or the Slippers or Both.  And be sure to leave me a way to contact you ~ either leave a link or email here or if you'd prefer, you can email that info to me.

❧   If you also choose to post about my giveaway in your own blog with the link and icon provided below, your name will go into the hat one more time.  You will please let me know you've done so in your comment.

Here's the code to add it to your sidebar and have it link back here:

<a = _blank href=" http://cobblestone-creations.blogspot.com/2010/01/cobblestone-creations-giveaway.html"/><img alt="Cobblestone Creations Giveaway" and border="””0””" ” src=" http://www.cobblestonecreations.net/CCgiveaway.jpg " /></a>

The drawing for winners will be on
Monday February 15th at high noon central time.
The winners will be announced on my blog and website.

Please feel free to email with any questions
or if you are unsure how to leave a comment.

~ click here to send me an email ~


  1. Any prize would be a joy, were I to win.

  2. I would love to win your little pot belly mouse. He would be a wonderful addition to my hug.

    Gijzette http://www.elfinbears.com/

  3. Please put me in the draw for the little Shamrock Mouse - he's a sweetie! You know where to reach me.
    Pamela H.

  4. I would love to win the little pot belly mouse...just adorable, as is all your creations!
    Please put my name in the hat.



  5. I am a new follower of your blog! It was because of OWOH that I was able to find you. :) I am also a facebook fan. Thanks so much...the little mouse is so very sweet!!!
    Sincerely, Theresa

  6. OOOO...how exciting! I would love to win the mousie! Your work is so wonderful. Tammy

  7. Iam a new follower.I love all of the above,LOL.Please count me in!~~Becky

    I will add your giveaway to my sidebar as well!

  8. I am now a follower. I would love either of your prizes. My granddaughter has American Girls so that would be perfect for her and Mousie for me.

  9. Hello! :) Congratulations on your first giveaway!!! :) I became a follower and Facebook fan through OWOH and I have also posted this on my blog (in a post and on my sidebar). I'd love to be entered to win either of the prizes! Thanks so much :)

  10. Oh how exciting...the thought of winning one of your little mice creations weeeeeeee,meeeeeee!!!I'm adding your link to my Giveaways Section and would just love to win your little mouse!!Warmest Regards,Cat-- and congrats on your first Giveaway!!

  11. ooh the potbelly mouse is really cute! i'd love for a chance to win him! pls enter me.


  12. Oh look at the cute little slippers!
    Well who wouldn't want to have one of your mice, meece, mouse's,,,I do! I'll post your link, but give me time.

    xx's Lisa

  13. Mice delight me, and I've seen none cuter than yours!
    I consider them lucky, and a bit of magic too!
    They're such small creatures of this Earth
    And yours are so bright-eyed and new!


  14. Oooo me, me, me, please enter me!!!


  15. I'd love to win the adorable mouse!
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  16. I'm following you on facebook as well as here because I just love your work! Glad to have found you!

  17. Thank you for stopping in to say hello. Yes, I would love for you to draw my name but in the meantime I am following you. I love your work...so precious,

  18. Delighted to have found your blog, and lovely to meet you. I've just become a Follower and a Faceboook fan through OWOH. Your little mouse creations are totally charming and so beautifully made. I would love the chance to win your little potbellied mouse, there's a perfect little space for him in my studio!

  19. Thank you for inviting me here to your giveaway. I became a follower. Your blog is such fun to look through! You are a great artist. I'd love a chance to wine the mouse please, thank you!

  20. I will love it if i can give a home to the sweet little mouse.

  21. Adorable. That's what comes to my mind when I see those! =)

    marilavado (at) gmail.com

  22. I love your mice! They are so realistic in their outfits and settings that you create! I am part Irish so the shamrock mouse would have a wonderful home here!

  23. There's nothing cuter than a mouse! And one witha potbelly is just the upmost! Sign me up for O'Mousie, if you please.....And also for the darling bunny socks for my sweet Riley!! Just the cutest. I am:

    Linda W. at whittls@kc.rr.com, better known as "Witless!"

  24. great blog and I became a follower and a facebook friend also. I love both of the prizes. duxburypam@yahoo.com

  25. AW, this one is even more so! Adorable little things. I’d love to be included in your draw.

    Do drop by mine when you can: http://aunexamor.net/entula/2010/02/02/one-world-one-heart/

    OWOH #931

  26. I would love to win either of your prizes!
    I am now a follower and also on your mailing list.
    I have also added your giveaway icon to my sidebar of my blog page.
    I also love tiny things and love your work!


  27. Hi Laura
    I just became a follower.
    I love your creations.
    I love both prizes but especially the mouse.

  28. I am now a follower, your wee mousie is lovely and I would love to have him watching over me while I work in my studio

  29. I took a little de-tour on my magic carpet and landed here! I absolutely love your shamrock mouse, please throw my name to the hat!

  30. So happy to follow your blog and a chance to not only win a sweet mouse but keep up on your blog, thanks!

  31. Wow, what fun! I love your blog and all of your little creations and treasures. This is my first time visiting as I just discovered your blog. I'd be thrilled to follow your lovely blog and art work. What a sweet and generous giveaway. Oh my, it's so hard to choose between the two prizes. Due to our "Irish" name I will choose the Mouse. It's so darn adorable...and has just the right touch of green. Thanks for the chance to win a gift from you.

    visionquest2020 (at) msn (dot) com

  32. Oh my I just love mice..... So I would love him for sure. I am now a follower and I am so keeping my fingers crossed for this win :o)


  33. Oh So sweet! I would be thrilled to win any of your wonderful creations! I am now a Follower and am off to cross my fingers and toes!

  34. Have a granddaughter who would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE either the mouse or the slippers.

  35. I would love to win the mouse but I have lots of dolls here that could wear the slippers too !

    I posted on my sidebar and am a new follower :D

    seksi_missy at hotmail dot com

  36. Thank you for letting me know about your wonderful giveaway! Your mouse creations are so adorable, and I love the bunny slippers! They'd look cute on any doll!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!



Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments so I know you've been by for a visit.

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