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Sunday, January 17

~ Meet Fiona Merrimuffin of Cobblestone Circle ~

      Every Tuesday at 2:30 in the afternoon, Fiona Merrimuffin has a soothing cup of herbal tea. She does this to calm herself because every Tuesday afternoon at3 o’clock ~ or there about ~ Jeremy Chickering shows up on her doorstep for his piano lesson.

       Heaven knows there is quite a bit of energy in that child that just needs to get out. Fiona is waiting patiently for the day when he will be able to sit on the piano stool without spinning or fidgeting or looking out the window every few minutes.

       She has seen it time after time ~ the day when it finally clicks for them. The day children understand that they are capable of producing beautiful music ~ that they can begin to explore different types of music and thus express themselves in a way unlike any other. She is confident this will happen for Jeremy ~ though it may take a bit longer for him. She knows in her heart that children always rise to the expectations set for them if given the support they need.

      Fiona’s thoughts are interrupted by a screech and a crash in her front yard. Oh dear! As she looks out the window in time to see Jeremy righting his bicycle, she makes a mental note to call her handyman, Jasper Porterfield, in the morning.

It’s going to take much more than burlap to protect her azaleas from the
Winter winds and Jeremy Chickering.

You may visit the auction for Fiona, which ends
Sunday January 24th @ 9:30pm eastern, 6:30pm pacific


  1. What a great story to go with Fiona, I hope she will survive little Jeremy!

  2. Sweet Fiona has a wonderful story to share.She is just precious!!Warmest Regards,Cat


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