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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments
so I know you've been by for a visit.

Thursday, January 28

Seeding the Cloud . . . .

. . . . the label cloud that is. You know, that area at the top of the blog that contains all the labels I've used. They're clickable ~ so you can easily find the posts that interest you. And it seemed like a good way to spell out exactly what Cobblestone Creations is all about. Ok ~ here we go:

Cobblestone Circle Mice ~ these 2-3 inch tall mice, along with their clothing and accessories, are fashioned lovingly by my hand with great attention to detail resulting in a one of a kind heirloom quality piece. Through their stories we further our insight into the everyday magic of daily lives in the peaceful hamlet of Cobblestone Circle. You can find a map of the village on my website and yes, as with any author, there are parts of me in each of them.

Potbelly and Holiday Mice ~ Again 2-3 inches tall, these mice are either sporting festive holiday attire, embracing a cherished seasonal token or munching their favorite snack. Some are dressed and others are simply wee potbellied dumplings.

Cobblestone Tails ~More mice! But these are from the pages of nursery rhymes, fables & fairy tales. These beloved characters will awaken those childhood memories of enchanted far off lands where wishes were granted, spells were cast, simple lessons were learned & happy endings were bountiful.

Sweet Pea's Tea Party Darlin's ~ A tribute to the simplest of childhood joys ~ savoring an intimate moment and imaginary meal with your favorite doll. As varied as the myriad of friends in every little girl’s room, the Tea Party Darlin’s are dressed in their best, ready for an afternoon of cuddles, crumpets and secrets. A more rare occurrence than my other items because each one is to be so totally unique ~ and we all know that takes a great deal of time.

Cobblestone Couture ~ I'll admit it ~ I started sewing for collectible dolls because those mice are so darn tiny!!! Currently my own collection consists of
Kish dolls: Riley, Zsu Zse, Bitty Brynne and Kishlet
Tonner Dolls: Ellowyne Wilde, Tyler Wentworth, Tiny Betsy McCall and Ann Estelle
Heidi Ott Dolls: Dollhouse Lady and Gentleman
Vogue Dolls: Ginny ~ both modern and retro

Dollhouse Minis~ Occasionally I create miniatures for dollhouses including some teeny tiny cross stitch pieces.

Commissions ~ I welcome custom orders when I can. I am always amazed by what customers ask for and enjoy working closely with them to make sure their custom made Cobblestone Creation is precisely what they want.

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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments so I know you've been by for a visit.

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