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Wednesday, July 13

Bed of roses?

As those of you who read here regularly may remember, last year we had a front row seat when a family of robins hatched on our kitchen window sill.   Despite my fears about the squirrels being a problem for them, all turned out well and the three little birds departed safely.

Earlier this year, Mr. Cobblestone deftly dissuaded another pair of birds from nesting atop of one of our patio light fixtures.  He's a very handy sort of fellow and twisted some wires on top of the light.  Not the kind of decorating Martha would approve of, but it did the trick.  And it saved the entire neighborhood from the predictable shrieking I would have inflicted upon them every time I would go out onto said patio.  I am very easily startled ~ especially when birds fly at my head to protect their babies.

Last night we discovered yet another oddly placed nest in our yard.  Here's my gardening shed, built by Mr. Cobblestone ~ isn't he handy! 

Even screened in the porch for me as I am one of those folks that mosquitoes find irresistible.  And yes those are lace curtains in on the windows of the shed.  The Martha influence still pops up from time to time.

Anyway ~ inside the hanging basket of impatiens, we found another nest!  Our first clue was when Mama bird had flown away as we entered the porch to watch the fireflies.  As long as she was away, I took the opportunity to snap a pic. 

Not sure about that speckled egg. 
But I guess it may be a good spot for them ~ at least there will be more room in the planter when the young ones get a bit too large for the actual nest. 
Will keep you posted . . .


  1. Oh I do think I just erased my comment. The egg is a cowbird egg. They lay their eggs in other bird's nests and let them raise the young. It should make for interesting viewing. Keep us posted.

    Your porch looks beautiful.

  2. oh how sweet is that nest full of eggs... and my gosh, mr cobblestone is one very nice hubby to screen in your porch of the garden shed. I will be looking forward to hearing about those eggs hatching. Keep us updated.
    Happy Thursday


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