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Tuesday, July 5

Tallulah Lemondrop of Cobblestone Circle . . . and where is that next bear?

Tallulah Lemondrop is spending the day
at the beach with her daughters.

Read Tallulah's story on my website:

She is currently available on my website:
~ SOLD ~


I mentioned a while back that the next Gentry of Cobblestone Court would be coming soon ~ pushing this adorable baby carriage:

Well ~ she will be coming soon.
It's been a matter of creating something that meets my strict standards of design and construction ~ and at just over 6 inches tall, she has proven to be quite the challenge for me.
Here is a peek at the tiny bear who will be riding inside the carriage.

Patience ~ she is coming soon!


  1. Your creations are amazing, adorable and just down right the cutest little creatures I have ever seen. I love them all and one of these days I am going to be able to buy one. Keep up the great work.

  2. Tallulah looks stunning in her sundress with the matching flipflops and wide brimmed sun hat. The umbrella, beach towel and tote are perfect for the afternoon on the beach. You are so clever and create such sweet little mice.


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