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Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments
so I know you've been by for a visit.

Monday, July 11

SALE and Awards

I have two exciting things to share with you today.

I started working on two new bears that I am planning to use for my ad in the December issue of Teddy Bear Review.  These darling Bear Carolers have really put me in the mood for Winter.  Thoughts of lovely cold weather with snowflakes dancing merrily in the air have helped get me through this latest round of oppressive summer weather, and so I thought I'd pass along this refreshment with you by having a SALE on the wintry items on my website.  But as I was revamping that page, I decided to include ALL the items in the sale.  Prices are in effect until July 31st ~ and include Free Shipping!!


Secondly, I want to let you know that I have entered the URSA awards this year.  Voting is taking place now through July 31st ~ and anyone can vote!

There are so many lovely creations to see ~ I do hope you will visit the site and vote for your favorites in the 13 categories ~ you will find my entry in Category 6.  But please vote only once ~ here's an excerpt from what they sent to the entrants:

We monitor the voting daily and any entry with multiple votes from the same computer will be given a warning and if it continues, will be disqualified. The voting software has certain safeguards built in to allow only one vote in each category, but there are some bright people who have figured out how to by-pass the software and vote multiple times for the same entry. We track the voting and can follow a computer's signature, we then can tell when a discrepancy happens. Some 'friends' or collectors reallllllly want you to win by voting multiple times but they are really putting you in jeopardy of being disqualified.


Once again I find my work table is very crowded ~ aside from the caroling bears, I've got a potbelly mouse, the newest Cobblestone Circle citizen and two commissions all waiting to be completed ~ oh, and that poor dear with the baby carriage too ~ must not forget her!

Time for me to get back to work!!!


  1. Your entry is so beautiful. Best of luck to you.

  2. Omg! how exciting, Laura! I'm going over right now to vote...of course for you!

    Hugs and Hope you had a great Birthday!!!!



Please don't be shy ~ I love when you leave comments so I know you've been by for a visit.

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