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Sunday, September 11


While talking with my daughter a few days ago, the conversation included a reminiscence of how at the age of 2, she watched the video of The Wizard of Oz every single night.  This went on for 18 months (really) and believe it or not, was actually somewhat of a welcomed relief for her father and I, since her previous obsession had been with The Nutcracker Ballet – the Mikhail Baryshnikov version no less (really).  Mr. Cobblestone and I know every blooper in the Oz video ~ and I bet you never noticed how many birds are in that movie!

Anyway, this led to a discussion about how perhaps her generation has missed out on the excitement of anticipation.  I mean, they practically had loads of entertainment at their fingertips ~ and now information as well, thanks to the www.

Let's take The Wizard of Oz for example.  I distinctly remember the frenzied excitement we experienced all week waiting for that night.  We played Oz games at recess.  We walked linked arm in arm a la Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow and Lion.  We sang the songs from morning to night, much to our parents' delight, I'm sure.  But I think part of the fun was the buildup to that magical night when finally those cute little munchkins were on your very own TV screen. 
Oh, how you savored every minute!
(Well, except for those flying monkeys, but we aren't going into that now.  Let's just say it necessitated a well-timed bathroom break.)

Well, I kind of feel like I'm doing that to you now, dear followers.  It is true that I have not had anything new to show you for quite some time.  My work table has been quite busy ~ overflowing in fact with all sorts of holiday goodies.  I have just completed my Halloween offerings ~ but I cannot show all of them now because they are to be part of the

But I will share little one preview with you.

Meet Dolores Hogswallow, my witch bear with her
book of Magic Potions and Spells and her Batty friend,
who sometimes hitches a ride on Dolores' back.

I hope you will all be able to attend the event. 
It is in support of Bat Conservation International
and promises to be loads of fun.
There is even a door prize!

Only 19 more days until the tour begins on October 1st!

I know it's hard to wait ~ but, hey ~ you can always pop in a video while you're waiting.


  1. Dolores is quite grand isn't she? I love the colors you've used for her clothing. She really is adorable with her spell book and her batty friend. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of what you've been working on. Have a good and productive week.

  2. Wow, she is grand I agree. I love the colors of her clothing too. She is magical looking. Can't wait to see the rest. Is that coffin appearing too?


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