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Tuesday, September 13

An Early Treat ~ Trick-or-Treating Mice Available NOW!

As I have informed you earlier, I am taking part in the October 1st
Halloween Artists' Studio Trick-or-Treat Tour and Show

But it seems I have over produced on the mice, as the show only permits an artist to display up to 4 items.  

That means I have some Trick-or-Treating Mice available now!


There will be more mice available in the show ~ including
another vampire and coffin.  
These were too much fun to make to stop at one.


  1. The Trick-or-Treating mice are so cute I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite. I love the props in your photos.

  2. And there he is...I am in the middle of watching Dark Shadows on netfix, so my mind has been on vampires. They are all wonderful, but your little Barnabas, oh, I mean vampire mouse is a show stealer.

  3. These are just wonderful Laura! I always love your fabulous little mousies.

  4. I bet these are sold already! The little vampire is too, cute! But you know I love all your little mice! They'r the Best!

    hugs Laura,
    lots to do now!


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