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Wednesday, September 28

Work in progress

Thought I'd let you peek at a few things on my work table today.
I have another new bear waiting to be dressed.

She is such a lovely color. 
We're off now to explore my embarrassingly large fabric stash so she can tell me what she likes.  I doubt she'll listen to my opinion though ~ she hasn't got an ears yet!  Oh dear, I fear I'm feeling rather whimsical today ~ this could get interesting.

Oh ~ and look what I found for another
of my Holiday Bears to wear!  

She is still only a pile of body parts
resting in a basket next to my sewing chair,
but I'm thinking she'll be in a fur trimmed coat
and perhaps a muff too.

She will be in the upcoming
Holiday Show on Nov 5th and 6th.


  1. She is a cutie but in dire need of ears. I can't wait to see how you're going to dress her. I love those little ice skates. I can see a little bear wearing them.

  2. You design your bears perfect for dressing. This on is a beauty.


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