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Thursday, October 20

Mouse on a Hog?

It seems like ages since I’ve had anything new for sale ~ but believe me I’ve been busy!   And some of that busy has been shopping.  Mr. Cobblestone and I were at our local home improvement store over the weekend shopping for new doors (finally).  As luck would have it, this particular store  had just set up their special holiday section.  

Ah yes, the return of The Enchanted Forest.
You must understand that The Enchanted Forest has been a part of our holiday tradition going back to when our children were young.  So much so, that I felt obligated to snap a pic to tease our daughter who now lives out of town. 

And of course I had to stop and look for any ornaments that would be perfect mouse sized accessories.  And what did I find? 

I found this motorcycle! 

Now ~ how could I pass that up!  And look how well it fits!

This mouse is destined to be one of my Pilgrims, but he does give you the idea of how another mouse will look seated there. 
Oooooo now I have to go through my fabric stash and find some black leather.


  1. Oh wow isn't this the cutest little motorcycle and just right for one of your mice? Now, how great is that?!?

  2. That is the perfect size for your little mousies! And that is going to be an adorable pilgrim mouse!


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