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Friday, October 21

Pilgrim Mice Now Available ~ and a tease of what's next . . .

I am so pleased to tell you that I have new mice available!

Just in time for your Autumn décor.

This Pilgrim Mice set includes both mice, 
a tiny harvest basket, an itsy-bitsy pumpkin

and this vintage turkey.

As always, layaway is available!

Here's a tease of what I'm using as an
accessory for my next Christmas Mouse. 
It's amazing what you can find to re-purpose
for mice in the hardware store.

 Any guesses?


  1. Hola!!!

    Que graciosa la familia de ratones... son una preciosidad felicidades!!!

    Saludos y feliz día

  2. They are so cute those little pilgrims! You are very talented with these little mice.

  3. I'm guessing Christmas tree stand?
    Your pilgrim mice are as cute as can be!


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