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Monday, October 10

Stitch, stitch, stitch . . . poke, poke, poke . . . pedal, pedal, pedal . . .

Hello friends!  I apologize for being away from my blog for so long, but as stated in the title, I’ve been quite busy sewing, needle felting and yes, taking an occasional break for a bike ride with Mr. Cobblestone ~ and enjoying our Autumn landscapes.
Our yard is showing signs of white! 
No, not my beloved snow, no yet, but we do have  a white clematis blooming now
and my irises too!
irisiris 2
I must mention the lovely ride we took earlier this week.  The longest one so far, for me.  We went from our home all the way down to the Lake Michigan lake front ~ a distance of 30 miles.  And it was a delightful day ~ all the trees were in their brilliant Autumn splendor.
As for sewing, I’m afraid I have nothing to show you today.  All the items I am currently working on are destined for the Holiday Bazaar Online show Nov 5 and 6 ~ and you know how it goes with shows ~ no previews before the show begins.  Though I do believe I will be able to give you a tease starting Saturday Oct 15th.  I’ll post it here if permitted.  I can tell you there will be caroling bears and mice, an ice skating bear, a bear with a baby doll and a few potbelly Santa mice.   
Before I go I do have two more photos to share with you which I received from one of my collectors.  It is always such fun to see what my mice have been up to since they’ve left my home. 
Ann Willcox is indeed at the Pelican’s Post
Pelican post
Wendell Finkelworth is busy cleaning up in his toy shop. 
Aren’t they darling! 
This fine work is by artist Gerald Lusk.


  1. Beautiful flowers!!! I just love these little mice...so cute

  2. Beautiful yard photos! And as always, your mice are adorable!

  3. First, I commend you for riding 30 miles, I couldn't do 3 right now!!! Whew, but you had a good time!
    And I will peek in on the 15th, for a sneak!!
    Busy as a little mouse, you are!!!

    hugs Laura,


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