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Monday, October 8

"Don’t say it like that, say it like: we’re taking the train!"

Yesterday Mr. Cobblestone and I took a day off from our usual weekend routine of working on our new home and took a ride on the Maine Eastern Railroad.  They run special Fall Foliage trips from Rockland to Brunswick on Sundays.  

It was a very enjoyable and relaxing day, (one that Sheldon would have liked as well), scheduled at what appeared to be the peak day of color in these parts.  A two hour layover in Brunswick went all too quickly, allowing only for a brief lunch stop.  It is hard to believe that a mere 12 months ago we were strolling those streets thinking how nice it would be to retire to Maine someday ~ and now we are living here! 

Although the Fall colors seem to be peaking or even fading in most of this area, the leaves in our yard are still mostly green.  

Perhaps we are in a tiny micro-climate, or perhaps the fairies and elves who live here have an effect on such matters.


  1. Beautiful photos. Our trees are those colors too, mostly greens with some yellowy tan and since we have elves you may be right. Have a great week. Hugs

    1. LOL That must be it, Maddy. We have a few specks of red and orange ~ and I hope they will turn brighter colors before they just drift to the forest floor. So many trees in the area are already bare. Hugs back!


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