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Thursday, October 18

Listen, do you smell that?

As you may have seen in the news, there was an earthquake Tuesday night in Maine.  Many people asked me if I felt it and to be honest, I was surprised to even hear about it on the news Wednesday morning.  

Mr. Cobblestone and I discussed it over dinner last night.  At the time of the quake (7:12pm), I was upstairs in my studio and  he was downstairs.  It turns out that each of us had the same thought ~ specifically "What is he/she doing now?"

So yes, I did feel the earthquake, I just didn't know it.  But Mr. Cobblestone and I are taking joy from the fact that after all these years together, we can still make the earth move for each other.   ;) 

In other news, I am working on many items at once, again.  One bear is even getting a facial makeover!   And you know, once the others see it, they'll want one too.

So, thank-you all for your thoughtful concern ~ we're all shipshape here.


  1. I'm glad the earthquake was minor. I didn't even know that Maine had earthquakes. Just wanted to tell you how precious your two new bears, Edmund and Millicent are. Is that your beautiful house in the photo?

    1. Yes, Maggie, that is our home with the ship weather vane that Mr. Cobblestone didn't notice until we moved in. Hope your own move is going smoothly. Hugs!


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